Lucille and Charles Flenory: What Happened to Big Meech's Parents? (2024)

BMF,’ the crime drama show, presents a fictionalized account of the real-life events that unfolded in the 80s, revolving around two brothers, Terry “Southwest T” and Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, who built a drug trafficking empire from scratch. Within the show, Meech and Terry are constantly in and out of legally shady practices, partaking in drug dealings, turf wars, and even the occasional murder. As such, the narrative paints a vivid image of the real-life Big Meech and Southwest T’s experiences with the Black Mafia Family. Simultaneously, the story also delves into the private lives of the brothers, showcasing their relationships within their personal family, including their parents, Lucille and Charles. As such, fans must be interested in learning about the real-life counterparts behind the Flenory parents and their current whereabouts.

Who Are Lucille and Charles Flenory?

Lucille and Charles Flenory are the parents of Demetrius and Terry, better known by their nicknames, “Big Meech” and “Southwest T.” Additionally, they also have another child, Nicole — their youngest daughter. The brothers founded the drug trafficking ring, Black Mafia Family, in 1985 and went on to develop it into one of the most prominent crime families in the country. The BMF entertained ties with the Mexican cartels and distributed cocaine through various channels countrywide. The crime organization had a successful run for around two decades before 2008 finally brought sentencing for the Flenory brothers, passing an imprisonment verdict of 30 years.

While Lucille and Charles remained distanced from their sons’ criminal activities, they never abandoned their relationship with the men and continued to stand by their sides even through their conviction and imprisonment. Reportedly, Lucille, a devout Christian woman, was a homemaker — often cited as having worked jobs to support her family. Despite her best efforts to ensure her kids remained on righteous paths, the family’s financial instability, paired with her son’s big ambitions, eventually led Big Meech and Southwest T into the world of drug dealing. Likewise, Charles, a Cleveland, Ohio native born in 1948, worked hard to provide for his family.

Charles did barter carpentry work and established the Gospel Sounds Record Corporation in 1963. A few years later, he graduated from the Recording Institute of Detroit’s Recording Engineering Program in 1977. Professionally, he employed his skills as a guitarist to play in House of God, Keith Dominion Church, from the young age of five, shifting to steel guitars at fifteen. Minimal information is available about Lucille and Charles’ relationship with their sons. However, since the show ‘BMF’ was developed under Big Meech and Southwest T’s consultation, alongside other family members’ contributions as producers, their on-screen portrayal ends up retaining significant authenticity to the real-life couple.

Charles Flenory Passed Away in 2017

Charles Flenory experienced some notable career highs in the music industry, receiving multiple awards for his numerous contributions, including a Special Motown Achievement award in 2004. Similarly, his Platinum Sound Studio facilities, located in Georgia, Atlanta, also received a Billboard Platinum award on the merit of its design and construction. He was also the writer on the Campbell Brothers’ record, “Jump For Joy,” and saw a 2014 induction into the Sacred Steel Hall of Fame.

Lucille and Charles Flenory: What Happened to Big Meech's Parents? (1)

Unfortunately, a few years later, in 2017, the man passed away at the age of 69 under undisclosed circ*mstances. At the time of his passing, his sons were still in prison. Today, he’s survived by his three kids, Demetrius, Terry, and Nicole— as well as his wife, Lucille, who still shares social media posts about her late husband in his loving memory.

Lucille Flenory Remains a Solid Pillar of Support For Her Family

Today, Lucille Flenory continues to be a constant fixture on her family’s side. Even though her youngest son, Terry, was released from federal prison in 2020 and put under house arrest on account of the pandemic, Lucilles’ oldest, Demetrius, continues to serve his sentence. As such, while the woman maintains a close relationship with Terry, she can only advocate and hope for Demetrius’ release as of now.

Lucille also enjoys spending time with her family, including her daughter Nicole and grandson Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory. Naturally, she’s incredibly supportive of the latter’s professional endeavor, ‘BMF,’ where Demetrius Jr. portrays the on-screen role of his father and Lucille’s oldest son. The woman routinely shares updates about the show on her social channels, especially Instagram. She also shares tidbits of her personal life, continuing to celebrate her religion and her family. Lucille recently celebrated her 76th birthday in February.

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Lucille and Charles Flenory: What Happened to Big Meech's Parents? (2024)


Who is the real Lucille in BMF? ›

The real Lucille Flenory, Lil' Meech with TV “Lucille” actress Micole Briana White. #lilmeech #bmf #classic #throwback #video #thesource #rnb #sourceclassics #culture #hiphop.

Who are the parents of Terry and Demetrius Flenory? ›

👋🏽 Hey, Sam here. The latest "BMF" episode captured the strained relationship between Charles and Lucille Flenory, Meech and Terry's parents. Catch up quick: Charles and Lucille, played by Russell Hornsby and Michole Breona White, are working class parents raising kids with big dreams as their home faces foreclosure.

What did Charles Flenory do for a living? ›

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1963, Flenory and his brother Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory rose to prominence in the 1980s by establishing a vast cocaine distribution network that spanned across the United States. Flenory's life was marked by both lavish spending and ruthless tactics.

Who is the real Charles in BMF? ›

Russell Hornsby: Charles Flenory, Charles Flennory.

Who was Big Meech's best friend? ›

The character B-Mickie is based on Meech's best friend growing up, Derrick “D. Meeks.” Myles Truitt spoke to Showbiz about portraying the character. “I did tons of research,” he explained.

Did Charles and Lucille divorce in real life? ›

“But I would tell my children … that's not the route to go. I would call it the devil's way.” After years of financial struggles, Lucille and her husband divorced, which took a toll on the family.

Does Lucille find out Charles cheated? ›

It took all of eight episodes of this season of BMF for Lucille to find out that Charles cheated on her. That's right! At the roller skating alley, the blow up happens between the two all because Charles left the hotel receipt in his pocket.

Did Meech's mother and father divorce? ›

Reminder. The story of Big Meech, a drug dealer who was sentenced to 30 years in prison, is a reminder that divorce can have a lasting impact on children. Big Meech's parents divorced when he was a child, and he has said that he felt abandoned by his father and that he struggled to cope with his parents' separation.

What happened to Derrick D. Meeks? ›

Derrick “ D.Meeks” Meeks

D. Meeks is alive, well, and free from prison. Amid the downfall of BMF, Meeks was arrested on four charges but was able to beat every case because he set aside ample funds for the best lawyer he could find. However, he did end up doing time back in 1992.

Who is Nikki Terry and Meech's sister? ›

Nicole Flenory became popular for being the sister of Big Meech and Terry Flenory, the founders of the Black Mafia Family, an American substance trafficking organisation. Unlike her brothers, she has maintained a secretive life away from the spotlight and was not involved in the BMF's activities.

How many kids does Terry Flenory have? ›

Profile summary
Full nameTerry Lee Flenory
Known children1
19 more rows
Jul 20, 2023

Did Nicole Flenory have kids? ›

She lives a private life with her husband in Lincoln Park, Michigan. There isn't much information either about Nicole Flenory's husband, Steele. However, Nicole and Steele share two children: son Demetrius Steele, an entrepreneur and chef, and son Dilan, a painting artist.

Who is Glock on BMF? ›

BMF (TV Series 2021– ) - Bechir Sylvain as Glock, Wisly Solomon - IMDb.

Who is Charles sleeping with on BMF? ›

On Friday, BMF's second season returned to Starz with a jaw-dropping scene which saw Charles Flenory (played by Russell Hornsby) have an affair with Mabel Jones (Christine Horn). Fans were angered to see the not-so-loyal father cheat on his wife and threatened to boycott the drama.

Is Charles from BMF the Soul Glo guy now? ›

Soul Glo Coming to America Eriq La Sa... TikTok. Not the internet saying that. Charles from BMF is the so glow dude from coming to America, y'all, at first glance, they had me going, but this is Russell Hornsey, and that is Clyde Jones.

Who is the real canine from BMF? ›

BMF (TV Series 2021– ) - Rayan Lawrence as K-9, K9 - IMDb.

Was B-Mickie a real person? ›

The character B-Mickie on BMF is based D. Meeks, a childhood friend of Big Meech and Southwest T. This article provides everything you need to know about the real life B-Mickie.

Who is Meech's love interest in BMF? ›

Kadianne Whyte is one of the newcomers to this season of Starz's BMF, playing Angel a, love interest to series lead Meech (Demetrius Flenory). When she received the script, despite not knowing much about the role, she dove in head-first.

Was Meech brother blind? ›

The court argued that Meech was in better health than his brother terry, who suffers from blindness and wears prescription compression socks.

Who is Lucille from BMF on Fresh Prince? ›

Watch Lucille (Michole Briana White) in this 1992 episode of #freshprince and see her before Lizzie.

Who is the real Zoey in BMF? ›

BMF (TV Series 2021– ) - Stormy Merriwether as Zoe - IMDb.

Who is Terry's wife on BMF? ›

On Bmf, Tonesa Welch's story is told through the character Markisha Taylor, portrayed by Markisha Taylor. According to Deadline, “Markisha is the smart, sophisticated, and street-savvy wife of a powerful Detroit dealer. Despite the risk, Terry begins to pursue her relentlessly, and they develop a friendship.

Who is the real sister in BMF? ›

Big Meech's little sister, Nicole, grew up alongside her two elder siblings, Demetrius Edward Flenory, alias Big Meech, and Terry Lee Flenory, also known as Southwest T. In 1985, the two brothers co-founded Black Mafia Family.

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