Are Big Meech Parents alive? His father died in July 2017 - TheNetline (2024)

Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory and his brother Terry ‘Southwest T’ Flenory run a drug empire headquartered in Atlanta and spread across eleven states, netting over $270 million in profit before authorities shut down the operation. Black Mafia Family (BMF) survived a fallout between Big Meech and Southwest but crumbled due to intel provided to police by informants.

50 Cent’s hit Starz seriesBMFfocuses on BMF’s drug operation and looks at aspects of Big Meech’s private life. Some of the most touching scenes in the show involve Meech’s family and his parents, Charles and Lucille Flenory.

Big Meech’s parents weren’t involved in their sons’ drug trade

Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory was born on 21st June 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio, to Charles and Lucille Flenory. Charles and Lucille later welcomed Terry Flenory and a daughter named Nicole.

Terry and Demetrius started selling drugs during their time in high school in the late 1980s. The small-time drug business eventually evolved into a multi-million-dollar operation.

Big Meech’s parents weren’t involved in their sons’ business. “Neither of my parents had any type of drug or drinking habits,” Meech told All Hip Hop. Prosecutors found nothing to charge Charles and Lucille with as they played no role in the drug trade.

Sadly, Charles Flenory passed away in early July 2017. On the 4th anniversary of Charles’ death, Lucille posted the following message on Instagram:

“Yesterday 4yrs. Ago 7/8/17. God called you home. Time passes yet the pain of losing you is still difficult to bear. We love and miss you always and forever!”

During the group’s drug-slinging days, Lucille had nothing to do with BMF but is now firmly associated with the brand. She sells BMF branded merchandise and has shown support for theBMFseries. Lucille once organized a fundraiser on Custom Ink, dissuading people from selling counterfeitBMFmerch. She wrote:

“There are many vendors who have been selling BMF clothing without any authorization, and none of the profits going to the family. This is the only official clothing line authorized and designed by the only Lucille ‘Big Meech Mom’ Flenory! If you don’t see the double L logo for Mamma Meech, it ain’t official. Remember ‘Family First.’

Lucille is enjoying Michole White’s portrayal of her character inBMF.White and Lucille resemble each other (Great choice STARZ, Lucille wrote on Instagram) and appear to have struck up a strong friendship. Lucille wrote:

“We look like we could be related. And when I met her mom & sisters at the premiere, it was amazing how much her mom and I resembled each other. Wow! I am so impressed with her performances of me in the series. From what I have seen meeting Michole, her personality matchers her beauty and out friendship will extend far beyond this series.”

Big Meech’s mom continues to advocate for Meech’s release from prison

Are Big Meech Parents alive? His father died in July 2017 - TheNetline (1)

Unlike his brother Southwest, Big Meech has failed to secure an early release from prison. Southwest had his sentence reduced by six years and later left prison to complete his sentence under house arrest after authorities approved his compassionate release.

A judge reduced Meech’s sentence by three years but refused to grant him compassionate release. Meech is set for release in 2028, but his lawyer, Wade Fink, feels confident that Meech can convince prison authorities to let him out sooner.

Meech is heavily involved in charity work, and Wade opines that Meech’s efforts can bolster his next plea to secure release. Wade toldThe U.S. Sun:

“What is so remarkable about Big Meech, is that he is determined, whenever he gets out, to do everything in his power to deter the life he pursued. I certainly think that Big Meech’s stature in our community makes his commitment to helping people a potentially extraordinary and compelling reason to reduce his sentence.”

Lucille posted a screenshot ofThe Sun’sarticle and expressed joy that her prayers for Meech’s release might come true.“GOD HAS A PLAN FOR MY SON… Man can plan to keep him in chains, but all power is in His Hands… GOD HAS A PLAN!”Lucille captioned the post.

Lucille has provided occasional updates about Meech’s life in prison. She talked to Atlanta’sV103 radio stationabout Meech’s reception of Rick Ross’ songBMF.Lucille stated that she loved the track as it acknowledged Meech. She added thatBMFis a popular song in Meech’s prison:

“One of our friends in the ATL played the song for Meech over the phone and he listened to the song and he really loved it. He appreciated the song. He said the guys in prison were ranting and raving about the song.”

She disapproved of Meech’s drug business, but she praised him as a brilliant man with excellent business sense. Lucille added that she raised her kids in the Christian religion and is happy with how they turned out. She added:

“Meech is family oriented. He loves his family out her (ATL), that he made and he loves his blood family. I have a lot of respect for my son because he has great character, he’s a man of integrity and he is very loyal.”

Are Big Meech Parents alive? His father died in July 2017 - TheNetline (2024)


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