Top 20 Things To Do In Sheridan WY (2024)

Top 20 Things to Do in Sheridan, WY

Nestled in the heart of scenic Wyoming, Sheridan beckons travelers with its diverse range of activities and attractions. From exhilarating outdoor adventures like hiking in the Bighorn Mountains to exploring the rich cultural heritage of the area through museums and historic sites, there’s no shortage of fun things to do near Sheridan, Wyoming.

Must-Visit Spots to See & Do in Sheridan

Experience Sheridan, Wyoming’s flourishing historic downtown, brimming with Western charm, warm hospitality, and good graces to spare. Explore its lively arts scene, immerse yourself in the dynamic craft culture, and delight in a diverse calendar of festivals and events. What to do in Sheridan, Wyoming isn’t a question, it’s your invitation to adventure.


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Host to a myriad of events and activities, shows, boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops and bars, Historic Downtown is Sheridan’s grand centerpiece. Come for a stroll and enjoy our public art displays, historic buildings, and more.


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High on every visitor’s list of Sheridan experiences is the iconic Mint Bar, Wyoming’s legendary meeting place. Serving frosty brews and countless tall tales since 1907, the Mint has become an iconic piece of Sheridan history. Although the ice is no longer delivered to the bar via horse and carriage, the rustic cowboy character and tall tales live on. I’ll meet you at the Mint, my friend.

Must-See: Tip one back and take the trophy tour, explore history through photographs, and check out the thousands of brands on the wall panels.


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Rich in history, legend and lore, the Historic Sheridan Inn is the former stomping ground of Buffalo Bill and his legendary Wild West Show. An iconic treasure of Sheridan since 1893, the Sheridan Inn has recently opened its renovated doors to overnight guests and hungry patrons. Reserve your stay in one of the 22 uniquely remodeled suites, or reserve your table at the onsite Open Range Bar & Grill.


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Truly a must-see, King’s Saddlery Museum is one of the best western museums in the nation, showcasing a fabulous collection of cowboy memorabilia including hundreds of saddles, wagons, chaps, spurs, antique gems, Indian artifacts as well as a variety of wild game animals.

Local Tip: Witness the masters of rope making and leather crafting at work, and try tossing a rope yourself in the Don King Museum.


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Just a short drive from Sheridan, the Tongue River Canyon offers spectacular views from the moment you hit the Tongue River Canyon trailhead. Find a scenic spot to catch some trout or hike the trail which winds along sheer limestone walls, towering outcrops, and ancient keyholes as it follows along the Tongue River. The further you hike, the better the views of tributary canyons, wildflowers, and aspen clones.


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Nestled in a lush valley at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, the Powder Horn offers three distinct nines at their nationally recognized 27-hole private, championship golf course. This social golf club and community offers many other amenities including swimming pools, tennis courts, walking trails, fishing ponds, and a beautiful clubhouse.


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When the WYO Theater first opened its curtains in 1923 as the Lotus, newspaper headlines proclaimed it “Wyoming’s Wonder Picture Palace”. Throughout the years, the name has changed and updates have been furnished, but the theater has remained an architectural centerpiece for downtown Sheridan and a staple for live performances, film and entertainment.


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From its authentically furnished rooms to its finely manicured lawns, the Trail End State Historic Site displays an elegantly different aspect of Wyoming’s colorful ranching history. Built in the Flemish Revival style in 1913, Trail End was the home of John Kendrick, a cattle rancher who became a Governor of Wyoming and United States Senator.

Must-See: The Trail End State Historic Site is festively decorated every holiday season; don’t miss the Holiday Open House which features live entertainment, figgy pudding, and Father Christmas himself.


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The Brinton Museum, located on the 620-acre historic Quarter Circle A Ranch in Big Horn, a short drive from Sheridan, offers an authentic view into the life and lifestyle of a Western gentleman and art collector.


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View On Map | 239 Brinton Rd.

The Brinton Museum’s new 24,000-square-foot $15.8-million, eco-conscious building houses one of the most significant and extensive Western and American Indian art collections in the Rocky Mountain West. The Forrest E. Mars, Jr. Building includes three floors featuring four galleries, a museum store and the Brinton Bistro.


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View On Map | 850 Sibley Cir.

Explore the history of Wyoming and the American West through the eyes and ears of the men and women who settled Sheridan County. From ranching and rodeos to Indian Wars and underground coal mining, the Museum at the Bighorns is where the history of the West comes alive.


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Notable polo players from all over the world gather for summers of chukkers at the Big Horn Equestrian Center, at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. Divot stomp and tailgate with the locals every Sunday afternoon in the summer months and enjoy this fast-paced and elegant sport.

Local Tip: Bring your own cooler and camp chairs and enjoy a summer afternoon tailgating with the locals.


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A fixture in the Sheridan community is the wooded oasis of Kendrick Park. Enjoy solitude along the tree-lined creek or stretch out and play on the grassy expanse. Meander around the park to find the chainsaw-carved tree sculptures and swing by and visit the resident buffalo and elk.

Must-See: During the summer months, the ice-cream stand is ready for business and the band shell hosts a concert every Tuesday.


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Sheridan boasts a network of scenic walking paths and picturesque parks, perfect for families to enjoy outdoor adventures. From Kendrick Park’s playgrounds and picnic areas to the tranquil paths along the Goose Creek, there are plenty of fun things for kids to explore in Sheridan, promising endless opportunities for outdoor play.


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The Bighorn National Forest and Bighorn Mountains are a recreational paradise, with 106 million acres of forest and 180,000 acres of wilderness, and elevations ranging from 4,000 to 13,165 feet.


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The wildest section of the Bighorn National Forest is the 189,039-acre Cloud Peak Wilderness. Absent of roads, buildings, mechanical and motorized vehicles, this remote area provides the perfect playground for backpacking, hiking and exploring.

Local Tip: Don’t take off exploring without a Bighorn Mountain trail map, available for purchase at the Forest Service Office or Visitor Center.


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Nestled in the pines between North and South Piney Creeks, the wooded setting of the town of Story is straight out of the pages of a storybook. The town hosts some excellent dining options, trailheads and a fish hatchery. Also nearby is Ft. Phil Kearny.


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Once the most fought over military post on the Northern Plains, Fort Phil Kearny is now a National Historic Landmark that offers four interpretive trails, a bookstore, museum, video and picnic grounds.


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Steamboat Point, an iconic feature of the Bighorn Mountains, stands as one of the most photographed natural wonders in the region, boasting a striking 700-foot terminal face. Despite its grandeur, the climb is relatively easy and rewards hikers with stunning views of Sheridan County and the Cloud Peak Wilderness.

Must-See: The foothills of Steamboat are alive with wildflowers in the springtime. Plan a photoshoot with the colorful wildflowers and iconic Steamboat backdrop in the month of June.


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Soldier Ridge, a multi-purpose trail, debuted to great acclaim in 2012, is just a short five-minute drive from downtown Sheridan via West 5th Street. Spanning over 4 miles, the trail offers breathtaking views of Sheridan’s scenic farm and ranch lands, as well as the Cloud Peak Wilderness and the Bighorn Mountains. Despite its proximity to the urban center, Soldier Ridge remains tranquil, with minimal foot traffic and a ban on motorized vehicles, providing visitors with a serene experience amidst the open countryside, ideal for dog walking as long as they are leashed in the presence of livestock.

FAQ: Things to Know About Sheridan, WY

What is Sheridan best known for?

Sheridan, Wyoming is best known for its rich Western heritage, encompassing cowboy culture, historic sites, and outdoor recreation. Renowned for its ties to the Old West, including legends like Buffalo Bill Cody, Sheridan offers visitors a glimpse into the past through attractions like the Sheridan Inn and the Brinton Museum. Its proximity to the majestic Bighorn Mountains also makes it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

How did Sheridan, Wyoming get its name?

Sheridan, Wyoming, owes its name to General Philip Sheridan, a prominent figure in American military history during the late 19th century. The town was named in his honor in 1882, recognizing his significant contributions during the Indian Wars and his role in the development of the region. For more information on the history of Sheridan, visit

What’s the population of Sheridan, Wyoming?

The US Census estimates the population of Sheridan to be 19,235 while Sheridan County has an estimated population of 32,035 (July 1, 2022).

Explore More Fun Things to Do Near Sheridan, WY

There is so much more still to explore across Sheridan County. Explore the Sheridan region in more detail with our interactive activities map. For families seeking both adventure and relaxation, check out our collection of Family-Friendly activities.

Top 20 Things To Do In Sheridan WY (2024)
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