This innovative brush from 'Shark Tank' made cleaning my car faster and easier than ever — and it's only $35 (2024)

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This innovative brush from 'Shark Tank' made cleaning my car faster and easier than ever — and it's only $35 (1)

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  • The Brush Hero (as seen on "Shark Tank") is a $35 cleaning brush that uses pressure from a garden hose to effectively clean hard to reach spots like wheels, bicycles, and more.
  • I tested out the Brush Hero, and it made cleaning my car's wheels, exhaust, and front grille a lot easier and faster.
  • While it is designed for use on automobiles, it can also be used to clean outdoor furniture, pools, grills, pets, side molding on your home, and anything else you can think of.

Spring is here, and automotive enthusiasts from all over are starting to pull out their rides to enjoy the season.For car lovers (myself included), there's only one better feeling than just driving your car, and that's doing so when it's immaculately clean. Even if you have a garage full of special sponges, cloths, and cleaning solutions, there are some areas that require more attention, care, and delicacy than others. That's where Brush Hero comes into play.

Founded by self-proclaimed 'car geeks and cyclists' Kevin Williams and Gleen Archer, Brush Hero was inspired by their need for a tool to gently clean their cars and bikes. They started in 2015 with the goal of creating the best wheel cleaner ever, but ended up with a tool that could do much more. More recently the brand gained a lot of popularity and exposure after being featured on ABC's hit show 'Shark Tank.'


Described as "the ultimate detail brush," the Brush Hero is perfect for cleaning car, motorcycle, and bike parts, but can be used on everything from outdoor furniture and pools to charred grills and dirty pets.

The Brush Hero's unique design is what separates it from other cleaning tools. It features a rotating brush head that is powered entirely by water pressure from a standard garden hose. The handle is comfortable to hold and has a flow control valve to adjust the water. Not only does it save you a lot of elbow grease while cleaning, it will save resources, as it uses zero electricity and less water than a standard garden hose spray attachment.

After seeing the Brush Heroall over the internet and on 'Shark Tank,' I had to try it out myself. The startup sent one over and now it's a must-have accessory for cleaning my cars.

I own a 1988 BMW 325i convertible and a 1991 BMW 318is, and would consider myself to be a dedicated car enthusiast. As someone who has spent a pretty decent amount of money refinishing different sets of BBS wheels with mirror polished lips, powder-coated faces, and gold-plated hardware, keeping them clean is a huge priority.

During the winter, I usually swap a different set of wheels and tires onto my car to save them from getting destroyed with salt and dirt, but between being busier and driving less, they stayed on my car the entire season. On top of that, I hadn't washed my car a single time this winter. Although that's far from ideal, it provided the perfect testing circ*mstances for the Brush Hero.

Setting up the Brush Hero for use is as simple as screwing it on to your garden hose.For added convenience, you can use the included quick connect adapter, which allows you to easily swap between the Brush Hero and other hose attachments without having to screw and unscrew. In addition to the already-attached white brush, you'll also find a softer black brush to use on more sensitive surfaces.


I refuse to use a high-pressure power washer, as it can do more damage than actual cleaning, so the Brush Hero is the perfect medium between that and cleaning by hand. It packs an impressive amount of torque, but doesn't spin as fast as an electric power drill. The moderate speed and water flow is just enough to work dirt away, rather than blasting it off.

What I like best about the Brush Hero is the amount of time it has saved me while cleaning my key spots on my car. The chief issue I had with cleaning the tightly weaved spokes of my wheels by hand was the amount of time it would take. I would spend a solid 10 minutes on each wheel meticulously cleaning any brake dust or dirt using a microfiber cloth guided by my finger. With the Brush Hero I was able to get in between the crevices and cut my time down to about 10 minutes total. To be gentle on my wheels I switched to the softer black brush and it still got the job done. If your wheels are a simpler 5-1o spoke design, it would take even less time.

I also found Brush Hero to be great for cleaning other parts of my car like the exhaust and front grille. Instead of having to scrub away soot built up on the exhaust tips using a harsh cleaning solution, the Brush Hero eliminated it, bringing my muffler back to its original polished finish. When using it on the grille, I was able to clean in between the tight grooves — a part that is easily missed during a regular wash.

Whether you're an obsessive car enthusiast who spends hours on end detailing your car or you just need an easier and faster way to clean tough spots, I strongly recommend adding the Brush Hero to your arsenal of cleaning products.

Brush Hero Starter Kit, $34.99, available on Amazon

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This innovative brush from 'Shark Tank' made cleaning my car faster and easier than ever — and it's only $35 (2024)
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