Merge Dragons Challenge 19 - Complete Guide - West Games (2024)

by Arlen

Merge Dragons Challenge 19 - Complete Guide - West Games (1)

Explaining Merge Dragons Level 19

Everyone loves to play such games that are mesmerizing, yet they do not consume much storage. If you are also looking for such a game, then Merge Dragons can be your perfect partner. It is one of those games that provides you with joy and excitement. The basic concept of this game is to take you to your old days of peaceful gaming.

Merge Dragons has been providing quality gaming to its users. In this game, you only need to use your brain to merge things such as plants, flowers, eggs, and even dragons to succeed. This game lets you enter a peaceful floating land where you need to play for the survival of your dragons.

The central theme of this game is the war between zombies and dragons. The zombies attacked the dragon land and destroyed their houses with zombie fog, and now you need to help dragons to revive their land.

Levels and Challenges of Merge Dragons

Unlike other conventional games that end after a particular time, Merge Dragons provide you with 200 plus levels. Each level is different from the other. Secondly, these

games have stages within a single level. You have to go through more or less three challenges to pass a certain level. This thing makes Merge Dragons different from other games and keeps you stick to it for a long time.

Merge Dragons is not so intense yet you have to keep a sound mind while playing it, otherwise you’ll run out of time. This game will keep you engaged in its uniquely amazing levels and the challenges within it. Merge Dragons keeps you in your comfort zone; you can play it at the home, office or even while traveling as it doesn’t require internet connection.

Challenge 19 in Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons Challenge 19 - Complete Guide - West Games (2)

The best thing about Merge Dragon is that it comes up with unique characteristics in each level. You will always find one level different from another, and this is something that attracts people towards the game. Like the previous levels, level 19 also forces you to brainstorm to crack it.

Moreover, the thing that makes these levels more exciting is the ticking clock on the top of the screen. People will undoubtedly face difficulties while cracking challenge 19. So, to make things easy, we are providing you with a complete guide on how to pass level 19 of Merge Dragons. Getting through this article will help you to crack this level with ease.

Merge Dragons Challenge 19 - Complete Guide - West Games (3)

First and Second Win of Level 19: The Walkthrough

You have got only four minutes and forty-one seconds for the first win.

  1. First thing first, you have to merge three red and three of the purple eggs to hatch the dragon out. Now get some spotted dragon eggs from the nest, merge them and use your dragons to disturb zombies. Now get some life healing flowers and after it, try to heal the super dead land as soon as possible.
  2. Now hit the extender arrows to heal the dead land and keep on disturbing the zombies to avoid the wastage of time. Along with it keep on changing the position of the statues to secure them from the zombies.
  3. After it, use your dragons to destroy the zombie’s cave to heal the land. Now, recover the super dead land near the statues. Furthermore, merge some more eggs if available to get more dragons for cracking the level as quickly as possible.
  4. Try to heal the super dead land as soon as possible and continuously disturb the zombies. Do not let the zombies destroy the recovered land as it will increase the workload and cause you a loss.
  5. To avoid a large number of zombies, keep on destroying the zombie’s cave through Dragons. Hit the extender arrows to heal the land; use life essence flowers for getting life orbs. Use all the life orbs to heal the super dead land near the statues.
  6. Once statues start to heal, then do not let zombies come near it and try to merge them as quickly as possible. Merge things to avoid the conversion of healed land into dead again. Use life orbs to heal the statues, and once the statues are healed, then merge them quickly to get through this level.
  7. After completing the first challenge in time, you will get Golem Dragon Whelp one Dragon power that will help you out in the next challenge.

For the second challenge, you have got only two minutes and forty-nine seconds.

The Final Win

For the final win, you’ll be allowed to play for only two minutes and eleven seconds.

  1. First of all, you will have to be really quick to get through this challenge. Try to merge all the red and purple dragon eggs as soon as possible. Now use your dragons to disturb the zombies and try to get past this challenge before more zombies arrive.
  2. Tap on the Dragon nest to get more spotted dragon eggs. Merge all the speckled dragon eggs to get a dragon and now use some of the dragons to disturb zombies and keep some to destroy zombie’s caves. Soon hit the extender arrows to heal the super dead land and merge the available pants.
  3. Do not let the zombies free so that they can destroy the healed land. If you fail to stop zombies, then this level is not going to complete in time. Now keep on healing the super dead land and once the land is healed, merge all three of the statue to crack this level.
  4. Once you are done with completing the level 19, you will receive a Golem Dragon with sixteen Dragon power.


Finally, you are done with completing the level 19. If you have been through this article properly, then it is inevitable that you are no longer stuck on the challenge level 19 of Merge Dragons. But, if you are still on the same level, then feel free to bother us for your queries. We will assist you with the best possible solutions to get past this level of Merge Dragons.

Merge Dragons Challenge 19 - Complete Guide - West Games (2024)


How to win challenge 20 in Merge Dragons? ›

  1. Tap out the nest of Golem Dragon Eggs and merge the eggs.
  2. The dragons will immediately try to destroy the Zomblin caves. ...
  3. Merge each Fresh Grave with two on super dead land at the top left and top right.
  4. Merge both Corwin's Tombs with one on super dead land at lower left.
  5. Activate all the heal extenders.

Has anyone ever finished Merge Dragons? ›

People have, and I've seen it. Yes. i have finished the board and it is an aweful lot of work, patience, luck and persistence. :) What happens if you do complete it?

How many secret levels are in Merge Dragons? ›

There are currently 50 Secret Levels. Secret: Outskirts 5 has been changed into a Challenge Level named Outskirts 5. Secret: Silence of 2 has been changed into a Challenge Level named Silent Bay 2.

What is the ultimate goal of Merge Dragons? ›

Instead, the game — at least for as much as I played — is a solo, meditative kind of game. The main (only?) objective of Merge Dragons is to “revive” the land by merging sets of three to five objects (plants, statues, coins, anything really).

Is there any reason to keep wonders in Merge Dragons? ›

Definitely keep the wonders! They're not just pretty to look at; they also give you rewards like dragon eggs, nests, and other valuable items periodically. Plus, they provide a massive amount of healing power to your land.

What is the point of Shadow Trees in Merge Dragons? ›

Shadow Trees are an additional source of Grass on top of Water and Possessed Chests. To start the Chain in the Camp most likely you'll need to buy them for Dragon Gems from Spell Shore Levels' Level Rewards. Starting from level 8 Livid Shadow Tree they also spawn 1 - 2 Specter Leaves from time to time.

How to get free gems in Merge Dragons? ›

If you want to find Gems while playing, the main way to get them is by finding purple Dragon Stars, then tapping them for Gems.

What is the whoops button on Merge Dragons? ›

The 'Whoops' button in Merge Dragons is basically an 'undo' button. It lets you reverse your last move, especially handy if you merged something by mistake or just want to rethink your strategy. It's a lifesaver when you accidentally merge rare items too soon!

Why is Merge Dragons so slow? ›

If your game has gotten very slow, and it is slow even on the World Map, then it could be a bug with lag. If you are experiencing this, then please send us a message. Do you have a ton of Loot Orbs sitting around your Camp? These have a lot of particle effects and can slow down your performance if you have a lot.

What is the point of Merge Dragons? ›

Each level consists of a board of varying size and shape with tokens like ferns, statues, or dragon eggs. When three or more tokens they will merge into one, more powerful, token. The object of the game is to merge these tokens until you reach a goal, which can be a certain score, token, or something else.

What is the secret totem grid in Merge Dragons? ›

Totem Grid is a secret level full of Super Dead Land. It is located between Totem Shire 11 and 12, and denoted by a Fresh Stones icon.

Can you make all dragons sleep in Merge Dragons? ›

All Dragons that are in the same home will sleep one after the other. Dragon 1 rests, then Dragon 2 rests, etc. Build more Dragon Homes from this shop menu. The more Dragon Homes you have, the more dragons can rest at the same time.

What is the best number to merge in Merge Dragons? ›

The reward for merging 5 objects is 2 objects of the next level, which is a significantly better outcome.

What is the fastest way to get dragons in Merge Dragons? ›

To obtain dragon power, you must get more higher level dragons. The easiest way to do so is to buy loads of coin dragons from the Buy Menu and merge them up. However, to do so, you need a good magic coin farm. You can also get free dragon eggs by collecting the Bountiful Chest you earn in each level.

How many challenge levels are there in Merge Dragons? ›

Currently, there are 54 Challenge Levels. These Levels can be identified by a gray goblet, and large-font names starting with "Challenge" and followed by a number. Challenges must be completed within a set time limit, and are required to be won at least once to advance in the World Map.

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