10 Things You Didnt Know about Brooke Burns (2024)

10 Things You Didnt Know about Brooke Burns (1)

When you think of the TV series Baywatch you generally two people will immediately come to mind – David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. But when it comes to the name Brooke Burns, most people end up scratching their head.

But history shows that Brooke indeed was a member of the beach cast, beginning in 1998 when she played the role of Jessie Owens. Later came the recycled version of the series, Baywatch: Hawaii and she would reprise her role until leaving the show after 46 total episodes.

Why Brooke isn’t one of the more memorable members of the cast, she definitely has led quite an interesting life off screen. Here are 10 of the more interesting things about Brooke Burns you can store in your memory banks alongside her picture.

1. She broke her neck in a pool accident.

One night back in November, 2005, Brooke took a dive in her home swimming pool but failed to notice one of the lights in the pool had burnt out. The darkened pool caused her to misjudge the depth of the water, and she hit her head on the bottom, causing a bruise on one of her uppermost vertebrae.

2. She married a man who has serious political connections in Australia.

That man, Julian McMahon, just happened to be the son the Australia’s Prime Minister Sir William McMahon. Unfortunately for Brooke, her marriage didn’t make a serious connection and she ended up divorced after only two years. However, enough of a connection was made for her to bring a daughter – Madison Elizabeth – into the world.

3. Her childhood upbringing was a combination of oil and water.

Her father was both a successful oilman and a Christian missionary. Born and raised in Texas, she would later have to deal with the odd reality that if you didn’t go to church in Texas you were considered to be strange, but if you did go to church in Hollywood you would suffer the same fate. Brooke did make the adjustment, but in the end she managed to find her own spiritual direction.

4. When she injured herself diving, there just happened to be a trained paramedic visiting the house.

This is known as having someone being there for you at the right place and the right time. His training enabled her to stay afloat while providing the necessary support to her neck to keep her from drowning and causing any more damage to her neck. Brooke credits her friend’s presence with not only saving her life, but her mobility.

5. She recently gave birth to daughter number two.

Declan Welles, whose father is Gavin O’Connor, was born on January 22, 2017. After her marriage to McMahon ended, she was a single parent for nearly a decade before moving on, marrying O’Connor in June, 2013.

6. The pool accident wasn’t her only run in with water.

Before she had the mishap in the pool, she took a bad fall on the frozen water on the ski slopes. Most people don’t know that her dream was to become a ballet dancer, not an actress. She recalls that all she wanted to do was dance before the tragic fall, and that the accident devastated her for a long time.

7. The creation of the character Kathy Dinkle was 100% originally Brooke’s.

She claims that Dinkle’s personality was the combination of a saint (her mother) and her little girl, who she sees as emotional and egocentric. This is natural for 5 year olds, but weaving those traits with a saintly older person is quite a trick.

8. She had been engaged to Bruce Willis.

In a somewhat uncharacteristic decision by Brooke, she got involved in what has been described as a “whirlwind romance” with Willis, who then proceeded to engage her. But things fell apart in less than a year, with Willis remarrying in 2009.

9. She has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Most of this money came from her regular appearances on Baywatch. She left the series after becoming pregnant with her first daughter. Though she continued to find small roles after returning to acting, her broken neck resulted in a titanium fusion in her neck, supported by a plate, a rod, and 10 screws. Though there is no evidence this has limited her career aspirations, the birth of her second daughter appears to have closed this chapter of her life.

10. Her many small parts on television and in the movies have some familiar titles.

Her recent resume includes a number of bit parts and guest appearances in shows such as Shallow Hal, The Salon, Urban Decay, Titanic II, Dog Eat Dog, Just Shoot Me, North Shore, Pepper Dennis, Melrose Place, Fixing Pete, and Undercover Bridesmaid.

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10 Things You Didnt Know about Brooke Burns (2024)
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